Our Goal

The purpose of Huntershowto.com is to share with those in need, how to do a diverse set of hunting and outdoor tasks. As the website grows we are going to try extremely hard to provide you with some really useful videos and articles. Although geared towards hunters and outdoorsmen and women, not all videos and articles will always be about hunting. We will branch off into different areas such as barbecuing, metalworking, leatherwork, and more. We will only place on the website what we think to be quality intelligent, useful and or entertaining, information.

Please note that we are like a "Jack of all Trades" and while there are some professionals who can speed through specific tasks within a few minutes, our goal is to help the average person understand certain tasks, but not to make a professional out of you (although you can take your newly acquired skills and advance to whichever level you feel is possible).

As the website grows, please feel free to suggest ideas for new videos and articles. Huntershowto.com is an online community intended for all hunters and outdoorsmen to have access to, so your feedback will not be taken lightly and will influence the material on the site. We'll create what you wish to see, and if it's something that we are not yet familiar with, we will research your requested topic and provide you with accurate information. There is always something new to learn whether you are younger or older, and we are still learning new things to this day. In many ways, we are like a research firm for hunter education. Thank you very much for stopping by, and be sure to start your journey through the website by rolling over the "media" button in the navigation menu.


Frank's Avatar

Frank is a veteran hunter, as well as a veteran of the Vietnam War. He has bagged many beautiful bucks, and countless other deer. Some people like to hunt many different types of game...African Plains Game, Dangerous Game, Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer etc. Frank is not a Jack of all Trades when it comes to hunting, but a master of Whitetail Deer hunting. He has hunted the Whitetailed Deer since childhood. He does also enjoy Raccoon hunting.


Russ's Avatar

Hunting has been apart of Russ's life since childhood, as his father Frank has always been involved in the sport. He did not start deer hunting himself until a later age, but always enjoyed target shooting and some small game hunting. Russ loves to hunt groundhogs in the summertime, almost as much as deer hunting. It is not rare to see him get "hog fever", but that's OK because his Savage 17HMR is amazingly accurate and forgiving.